1. otraletratravels:

    Stop #7: St. Louis, MO

  2. otraletratravels:

    Stop #6 Grand Rapids, Michigan. Serious taco and beer city. Family and friends came by to record and visit. Summer ended well in Michigan.

  3. Break in Brooklyn. Working from our booth in Lower Manhattan for a few days and spending most of my summer at the StoryCorps office contributing to the planning of future stops.

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    Stop #5 Dayton/Miami Valley, Ohio

    Ohio brought the intersections of The South and the Midwest closer together. We heard stories from the aftermath of the decline in American manufacturing, stories where city politics once again encouraged segregation and challenged the value of historic neighborhoods.

    Also found thriving circles of people invested in community and the arts. Spent a day recording on site in Troy, Ohio with a partner focused on giving it’s community a voice to express the vast reach poverty has on families and mental health.

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    StoryCorps: An Hour Behind The Scene

    Includes a conversation with two StoryCorps facilitators Chaela Herridge-Meyer and Adriana Gallardo. We also hear four stories recorded in Durham.

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    Stop #4: Durham, NC Easily as diverse as Rogers Park in Chicago or Brooklyn, NY but in The South. Great food and community on top of that. Less travel pics here because we spent most of our free time making friends and eating.

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    Stop #3: Huntsville, AL  We made rocket scientist friends, other wins included the music and food in nearby Nashville, TN. The South seemed the coldest and most segregated there, learned that progressive means very different things through each region we travel.

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    Stop #2: Gainesville, Florida. While in the norther part of Florida, we traveled to St. Augustine, FL. As the oldest city in the country, you can see the first Spanish armed castle in U.S., the first open air slave market, and Fort Mose.

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    Spent January in the St. Petersburg, FL area.

  10. Immokalee is a farmworker community in southern Florida, these are sounds from a daytrip and tour with workers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) & The Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA).

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  12. Vocalo Storytellers Fall 2013


    Congratulations to our newest graduates of the Vocalo Storytelling Workshop!

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  14. We did our best to voice with @puentecom #teamvocalo

  15. Our good friend @puentecom Mike Puente came by the storytelling workshop to lead us on great voicing techniques. Thanks Mike!